Lorraine Freedle


Photo by Mark Venner, www.tiltedaxismedia.com

I have always been mesmerized by the sight, sound, smell, and feel in the air when molten lava meets the ocean.  On the Big Island of Hawaii, I witness this miracle of transformation as often as I can.  The newest earth is in the state of becoming.  The goddess Pele reigns.  Ferns will grow.  So begins Black Sand Neuropsychological Services, PC, in Hilo, HI.  Black Sand Neuro is my vision for “whole brain” healing for children, adults and helping professionals.

Whole brain healing involves expanding consciousness and integrating neural networks to maximize growth, balance, and learning potential.

~ For children with learning differences or a variety of medical or psychological conditions that impact the brain, healing can take place when their neuropsychological profile is better understood and effective interventions can be implemented tailored to their specific strengths and needs.

~ For individuals who seek therapy to overcome personal challenges, whole brain healing involves using verbal and multi-sensory methods such as mindfulness and Sandplay® to tap into unconscious resources, reorganize neural networks, change behavior, and ultimately develop vitality, purpose and a new perspective on life.

E komo mai.  Welcome.