Lorraine Freedle

Consultation and Training

Dr. Freedle is a passionate, knowledgeable public speaker and a highly skilled trainer who takes a personal interest in those who attend her trainings.  She enjoys presenting workshops, teaching classes, and providing supervision and consultation services for therapists and psychologists. Freedle-Lorraine Head Shot 2017

Dr. Freedle provides personal process and case consultation to sandplay therapists, including those interested in becoming certified sandplay therapists and those conducting research in sandplay. International and US mainland consultation may occur via Zoom or other face-to-face internet applications. Dr. Freedle also facilitates personal sandplay retreats where individuals may engage in daily sandplay sessions and meditation practice while exploring the beauty of the Big Island.

With over 30 years experience in clinical administration and psychotherapy, Dr. Freedle creates a safe and stimulating environment for clinical supervision. She holds her students in high regard and has mentored over 100 clinicians to independent licensure.

Illuminating current theory, neuroscience, and the principles of depth psychology with compelling case studies and experiential learning, she is internationally recognized for her presentations on sandplay and trauma.

Here’s what participants said who attended Dr. Freedle’s Sandplay workshops:

  • Exhilarating!  Life changing.
  • Fantastic!  I learned so much.
  • Pleasure to finally see Lorraine.  She has the ability to use research and yet carry love in her teachings.  She has understanding of media and teaching with it.
  • Absolutely wonderful-  Lorraine is so brilliant and gifted!  A gift to all of us.  One of the best presentations of any kind I’ve ever been to.  Thank you, Lorraine.
  • Top of the line in all respects.  Well thought out, presented and taught.  Integration of theory into clinical material fabulous and really helpful.  Thanks for including music and helping us go more deeply.
  • Always an honor to witness Lorraine’s presentations, passion for sandplay, and amazing work!
  • Wonderful combination of energy, knowledge, and passion.  Thank you, this story really touched me.
  • Excellent, so thorough and complete.

Upcoming Presentations

Ongoing Training Topics

Sandplay therapy, neuropsychology, NMT®, trauma, clinical supervision, corporate team building, psychosocial diagnostic assessment of children,  wraparound, risk assessment, ADHD, autism, traumatic brain injury, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, recovery management, and positive behavioral support.